Update Artist Roster Kindergarten Live:


Dark Metal, GER

It´s a pleasure for us to join forces with this great band from now on!


tons of years of experience in live business, but still hungry & alive.


bands I still work with, or worked with in the past (as booking agent or tourmanagement):

BRDigung, Hämatom, Kampfar, Leaves Eyes, Atrocity, Liv Kristine, The Sirens, Matt Gronzo Roehr, Serum 114, Solstafir, Spitfire, Unantastbar, Wilde Jungs, Frei.Wild, Doro, Santiano, Uli Jon Roth, Crematory, Emil Bulls, Drone, Michael Schenker, Secrets Of The Moon, Vreid, Borknagar, Dark Age, Holy Moses, Mono Inc., Nocturnal Rites, Thunderstone, Code, The Jury And The Saints, plus plus plus


festivals and productions I am involved in (somehow):

Wacken Open Air, Alpen Flair Festival, Beach Flair, Metal Bash Festival, Wacken Rocks Seaside, Rock Am Ring (in the past)

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